Sunday, 30 November 2014

My Last Blog Post Ever

Today is the day. The day I end my time at Enrich@ILT. I am a year 7 next year and I am heading off to high school, so I am unable to continue my fabulous journey here at Enrich@ILT. I wish I could stay a year 6 forever. If I could then my journey with Enrich would never end. Sadly it has to. 

Goodbye Forever. 

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Brain Talk

Did you know that your brain is faster than a supercomputer.

For instance, your kitten is on the kitchen counter. She's about to step onto a hot stove. You have only seconds to act. Accessing the signals coming from your eyes, your brain quickly calculates when, where, and at what speed you will need to dive to intercept her. Then it orders your muscles to do so. Your timing is perfect and she's safe. No computer can come close to your brain's awesome ability to download, process, and react to the flood of information coming from your eyes, ears, and other sensory organs. (this text is from  check it out)

Your brain is the most complex organ in your body. It is amazing how your brain works and what it is made up of. 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Pressure's On

Next week is the Spring Fling! The pressure is on to get our presentations finished and it has to be our very best work. 

Next week all of our family members can come in to Enrich@ILT and they can observe all of our great work. We have put in 20 hours of work so it has to be good. We have been doing this for around 14 weeks so thats 14 Mondays. We had to work during our mornings, morning teas and lunch times (if we wanted) to get everything done.

I am nearly done and I am confident that my presentation is good and that the teachers will give it a high mark. We have to present our presentation for 3 minutes and then people will ask us questions for about 2 minutes so all up we will have to stand up in front of a group of people for 5  minutes at the most. 

I am so nervous for the day to come. I mean it's only one week away.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Its Closer Then You Think

Next week is the last session we have for our Discovery task. In week ten we have to present it to a group of around 5 people for 3 minutes. Even though its 3 minutes long it is still a long time to be standing and talking.

On the plus side we get to dress up in a costume that is native or relevant to our country of importance and we also get to try new foods because we have to bring a food that is also native or relevant to that country.

I am so nervous about it but I think I will manage.


Sunday, 10 August 2014

Wassily Kandinsky


Today we learnt about a famous artist. HIs name was Wassily Kandinsky. His art is based around different shapes and different sizes. He is kind of like Picasso. 

His first works of art were more realistic but then as he progressed his art work got more funky and is more perspective-based because I might have a different thought on what it is than what someone else might think his art is.

He would listen to music and thats how he would get his ideas. His favourite music genre was Jazz. His favourite jazz singer was Richard Wagner.

He would listen to the music and pick out four different colours that matched the moods and emotions that he thought were happening in the song.

He was born in Moscow (Russia) and he loved music and he learnt how to play the piano and the cello as a kid.

His art is Abstract art. Abstract art is art that is a lot of different colours and shapes that can be seen differently to different people.

Today we listened to four different types of music and we tried it out for ourselves. It was really hard trying to get the circles the right shape.

My favourite part was when we got on to the blending stage because I like to blend colours to make all new and improved colours.


Sunday, 3 August 2014

Mug Time

Mug Time.

Hello. Today Marie (the clay expert) came in to Enrich@ILT and took the kids that do clay for passion projects. She showed us how to make a mug/cup.

First she ran us through how to make them and how to score (make an X mark in the clay over and over) them together.

First we had to roll the clay out and then the next step was to wrap the cup of your choice in newspaper. This step was kind of hard at first but then when you got the hang of it, it was easy.

We ran out of time to finish it though so next week we are learning how to make the handle and what we do when we cut the top and bottom off the cup.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Stop Stressing.

Stop Stressing.

Today Nicola showed us some ways to stop stress She also taught us what causes stress. Most of the time stress is caused by over-thinking and being worried about something like a school project, or  (referring to adults here) maybe a job interview. 

Nicola showed us a video on how to deal with stress. Some of the ways were to take deep breaths and calm down. Another way was to get as much physical exercise as possible, and the last thing was to drink lots of water. Sometimes people take a short nap to clear their mind or sometimes they take a small walk.

Then after the video Nicola gave us a sheet to glue into our book and it just talked about what causes stress and how to deal with it.

Then she let us choose a sheet so we could doodle on it for 10 minutes while we listened to music. It was to calm ourselves down and to stop stressing about things and to just relax.